How to backup and burn Wii games

Wii game consoles have been growing demand for games, so more people buy their games. You know that Wii games are often expensive, so I bet you will hate scratches and lose all your money. In this article, I will try to explain how to backup your Wii game.

How do I burn wii games step by step

The first thing you need to do is look at the local copyright laws. If you already have the original game, you can usually back up Wii games. You need to perform a backup for your own use, and not borrow anyone. This is usually the case, but you need to know for sure, so find out what the local law department is. No need to go to jail, because you want to make a backup of your game, huh?

You obviously cannot use the Wii console to copy the game, so you need a computer to do it for you. The type of DVD drive you need is very important, so make sure you get the DVD drive from the LG816 series. I recommend one of them: 8163b, 8162b or 8161b. Gu Jian should give you all the information you need. A quick search will provide you with the information you need, and Ebay may be a good source for one of these drives.

In addition to the LGDVD drive, you will need a software called a simple backup wizard. You will use this software to create images of Wii game DVDs.

How To Burn Wii Games to Disc

Your first step is to put the DVD in the drive. Next, start the Wander Easy Backup Wizard shackle the software and load the DVD. It takes some time to create the ISO file, please be patient. This ISO file is a backup of the game and stored on your computer. Next, check the file attributes and find the file size. It requires a size of 4.7 Gb, which is the same as the game DVD.

Your next step is to burn a new DVDFind article, with a backup of the Wii game. You can use any software to burn DVD. When performing a backup, make sure to use a high-quality DVD. …

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