Nintendo Wii Vs Game Console 3-Real Battle

There are many excellent system exclusive games available on Nintendo Wii and Game Console 3. It may be difficult to sort, and finding the side console is actually the best for you. to know more information.

Nintendo Wii and Game Console 3 are the leading game consoles that dominate the market. However, understanding the difference between Nintendo Wii Vs 3 can clearly understand each game and its functions.

Battle of the Boxes

Hardware-Nintendo Wii has a 729 MHz Broadway processor, system memory is 88 MB, and internal flash memory is 512 MB. The system outputs 480p definition of video, but gamers need to purchase the remaining storage of the SD card. The hardware function is lower, so the price is lower, but the motion controller makes the system stand out from the competition. PlayStation 3 uses a multi-core battery processor as the main CPU. The internal memory is 512 MB, which is evenly distributed between the graphics engine and the system. The new version of PS3 is slim and has a 120 GB internal hard drive. The system can output high-definition video.

Function-Nintendo Wii is a prominent motion controller function, because this function allows gamers to have a perfect control of the game and its movement than pressing the button. PS3 has a controller with a simple tilt sensor, the control range is different from the Wii remote control. The huge game library and its remote control increase the demand for this game console. Game console 3 has a built-in Bluetooth function that provides the ability to play Blu-ray and DVD. Ps3 has higher horsepower and graphics than Wii, making it more attractive. Nintendo Wii allows you to play game cube games, while Ps3 slim can not play console 2, and allows its gamers to play only console 3 models. However, both systems support WiFi.

Seventh generation of video game consoles

Games-Rock Band, Madden NFL and Lego Star Wars are released in two game systems, but the Wii version has simple graphics and few features, due to not being too powerful CPU. PS3 has exclusive games such as Metal Gear Solid IV, Killzone2, Unknown and Little Big Planet, and Wii Game Department exclusive including Super Mario Galaxy, Wii Sports, No More Heroes and Metropolis Prime 3. However, Wii games are casual and family-friendly, and the target of console 3 games is the rod game audience.

Online-Nintendo Wii has an online service that allows gamers to access the virtual console, which is convenient for purchase, as well as downloading classic game console games, including Sonic Porcupine and Super Mario Bros. Wii gamers can enjoy the game The core has 12 digits through exchange of friend codes, but each console has a unique number. Game console 3 allows gamers to access a free online service, a network of game consoles, that allows players to play online, as well as purchase movies or games, and download hard drives from one source to another.

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